New Trends In Television Technology

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New Trends In Television Technology

Early versions of LCD TVs and Plasma technology paved the path to contemporary and future video technologies we use today. The road wasn’t easy, as those old techniques had many problems, including the power usage and overheating. But they were the basis for the technologies that are widely used today, LED and OLED.
LED television is the LCD TV, but the different and more advanced technology powers it. The major and the only difference is the type of illumination. Rather than using a CCFL aka cold cathode fluorescent light, the new LED technology uses light-emitting diodes. This tech brought many advantages including power consumption, cheaper production cost, viewing angle and so on.

OLED uses the organic light-emitting diodes that incorporate a layer of organic materials in the screen. The power consumption is the main advantage of the OLED system. This system has several flaws, and the main flaw is the longevity of this type of television. The second major flaw is the high susceptibility to the water damage.

The television technology is advancing at a high rate, and several technologies represent the future of the television.

The curved screen is one of those technologies. The opinion about the curved screen is divided. Some people think that it is just a gimmick, while others defend this technology. The main argument of the defenders is that the curved screen reduces the glare and enhances the dark colors by limiting the angle from which it comes. These arguments hold some truth, but the effect the curved screen has isn’t as great as they say. The future of the curved screen is still shrouded in fog, and there is a small chance that this type of screen will become a standard in homes.

4K resolution is another technology of the future that found its way to the market. You can buy a TV with this type of resolution, but the biggest problem is the lack of the content.

Right now all the content for the TV is 720p or 1080p, and only some parties have plans to release some limited content in 4K. Looking at the near future, we can see that the vast amount of the television content will be done in 1080p. The 4K technology is ahead of its time, and sadly we are not ready for it.

3D technology is making huge progress with virtual reality, but that is limited to gaming. 3DTVs tried to add the 3D technology to their television sets, but the lack of 3D content and bad 3D tech turned it into a failure. 3D movies are great if you watch them in cinemas, but they aren’t something interesting if you watch them on the TV.

Smart TVs are everywhere, and it is hard to find a TV in the store that isn’t Smart. The gadgets and apps and many other things that come with Smart TV are great, but the amount of technology that it brings isn’t too much. Spending money on the Smart TV even though you have a big TV in your home isn’t a smart decision.

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